Sales Manager

We are looking for no SEO specialist!

Why not? We are looking for a Sales Manager! And that, of course, is exactly what we as SEO specialists are not. We are much more concerned with scoring high positions in Google (ranking well in our jargon). 

At Onder, we believe hugely in harnessing everyone's personal interests and talents. Based on that vision, we are looking to add to our team and the (many) qualities we already have in place so far. 

Who knows, you might be our perfect match!

Who should you match with then?

We are Onder, nice to meet you! A specialist SEO agency in the heart of Zwolle. Our ambition is to one of the best SEO agencies in the Netherlands to become. Too high? Certainly not. Within our team, we constantly put our heads together to perform above expectations and this is a goal we strive for every day.  

In this business, you never stop learning. Whereas Google is getting smarter and smarter at reading texts, we are constantly making strides in onder searching, analysing and optimising websites. Obviously within the SEO field, because that is where our strength lies.

You will join a team with 11 colleagues. These are all specialists who speak the SEO language like no other, supplemented by two colleagues who make sure the process and our own marketing run as smoothly as possible. 

We think it's important not to talk about SEO from time to time, even though we love to do so. This can be during our lunch together, the walk afterwards or our drinks. We have found a good structure for this, so that we can go into the weekend together with some regularity!

What are we looking for in you?

Firstly, we are looking for the enthusiasm we have for SEO in you too, but for creating new business opportunities! In this role, you will mainly deal with 'New Business': from lukewarm and warm leads to building interesting relationships from scratch. You master the art of selling like no other and are the energetic personality who is able to convince and enthuse others. Of course, you also have relevant substantive knowledge of online marketing. You don't know much about SEO yet? No problem, we will update you and onder will support you with our extensive familiarisation programme and SEO training sessions!

What else?

  • You are a discussion partner for potential clients, know how to put yourself in the shoes of all kinds of organisations and understand challenges and business models well
  • You have several years of experience in a similar role
  • You are not averse to a little headwind, stress-resistant and used to dealing with targets
  • You have experience with CRM systems and/or sales tools
  • You have initiative and social skills, both face to face and over the phone
  • You see it as a challenge to draw up and implement an annual commercial plan together with the marketing team

What attributes and/or competences do you (onder others) bring with you?

  • Enthusiasm!
    Zonder enthusiasm won't get you anywhere. Extra fun is when you are already enthusiastic about SEO. Are you not yet? No problem, because you will automatically become one. Once you belong to Onder, you will automatically become a SEO fan!
  • Commercial insightt
    You know where opportunities lie and how to make the most of them. You enjoy approaching new suspects and do not feel inhibited to use your network to do so. 
  • Quality focus
    Our customers are our everything and we always want to provide them with the best quality. So we expect the same from you! You really need to be the type to take that unexpected extra step. ''Under promise, over deliver'', aka. 
  • Innovativeness
    Together with our marketing team and Martijn, you will be able to think of new ways to generate leads and expand our customer base. Think big! We do the same for our clients.
  • Decision-making
    You are not a doubter or dawdler and able to make (important) decisions independently.

We may expect a few things from you, but you may as well expect them from us! We happy = you happy and vice versa!

We achieve this win-win situation with the following points:

The feature:

  • Freedom to fill the position in the way that suits you i.c.w. the way that suits Onder (think about our culture, specialism, cooperation and personal contact)
  • Freedom to create customised proposals, in consultation with SEO / CRO specialists
  • A CRM system to onder support you in your work
  • Comprehensive onboarding into SEO / CRO, Onder's vision for these channels + where this adds value for our clients and potential clients
  • A wide playing field of suspects


  • A salary of €2,800 - €4,000 per calendar month based on experience (based on 1 FTE)
  • A commission model (Bonus)
    • Arrangement based on calibrated leads
    • Scheme based on own leads
  • A MacBook from the company plus a second monitor at our office.
  • 35 days off for a 40-hour working week (based on 1 fte). Compulsory days off are not in our dictionary. You can choose whether to work or be off during Easter Monday, Ascension Day or other holidays.
  • Access to our luxury pension scheme
  • € 1,100 training budget per year
  • A clear personal development plan, evaluated monthly in a 1-on-1 (we don't do distant end-of-year talks around Christmas)
  • The opportunity to work from home regularly

At Onder we are not looking for employees; we are looking for people who share our culture and vision and contribute enthusiastically to it every day. In doing so, we also understand that there is a life beyond Onder, so we believe it is important to pursue a work-life balance.

Yes, you got excited! Now what?

Want to apply? Then come up with something that allows you to show us yourself, exactly as you are. What are your talents and what are you looking for in your new employer? Show this with a video, presentation of your Instagram profile or a mood board. Make it up and use your creativity! (Another competence we value highly)

We are not looking for a neatly written letter that has been corrected at the last minute by your partner/mother/neighbour, but above all we really want to know who you are. After all, we have to sit next to you every day (when you are not onderweg) and we better know immediately what and who we can expect then!

Send it no later than 30 November 2023 on to celine@onder.nl and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

This is us!

A team of SEO specialists

Our team consists of enthusiastic SEO specialists who are happy to work with you for the best results.

Meet our team

These customers are supupside down from us!

Renzo van Dongen

Renzo van Dongen

Digital content manager Peugeot

Whether it's about content or technical adjustments, it doesn't matter. Martijn briefs this in a very clear way so that it can be implemented locally or by our head office in France. [...] Since the start of our collaboration, we have achieved great results. Keep it up!

Marien van Stegeren

Eigenaar Kitcentrum

When your online onder venture grows, expectations often grow too, in every area. To a large extent, we were in control of SEO and its interpretation ourselves. We found out that our own "general view" was no longer sufficient, so we engaged Bureau Onder. Surprising and clear. We have built up a fine collaboration, partly because Martijn also regularly visits our office with Eline or Mariska (depending on the case), which is very valuable to us!

Marten Stellingwerf


Martijn and Mariska make the SEO story understandable for the layman and are happy to think along with us. It is nice that there is a personal contact moment every month with an extensive report and the opportunity to talk everything through. After just a few months, Onder has already managed to achieve number 1 positions on Google with some of our webshop pages. We are very satisfied with Onder.

Mark Prummel

SEO Specialist Stella Fietsen

For several years, Onder has been a valued partner of Stella. Martijn is my sparring partner for complex SEO issues and the extra pair of critical eyes that keeps us on our toes. Together, we have achieved nice growth in online visibility, visitor numbers and leads. Onder onder stands out for its short lines of communication and professionalism. They speak our language: don't nag, get down to business. That is what we love!


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