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Looking for a way to boost your team's technical SEO skills? Perhaps you want to teach multiple employees the intricacies of technical SEO at the same time, or it's time for a comprehensive update for the whole team. Then opt for our customised Incompany technical SEO on-site training!

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Why take a technical SEO training course?

Customisation is at the heart of this training. We understand that every industry has its own challenges and that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. That is why our experts in technical SEO are committed to putting together a programme that seamlessly matches an organisation's expectations. By focusing on your specific goals, we guarantee training that is not only relevant, but also delivers immediately applicable skills.

There are several reasons to retrain your team with Incompany technical SEO training;

  • Your website is moving and you want to work with your web builder to make the migration a success
  • There is a lot of SEO knowledge within the organisation, but technical SEO knowledge is particularly lacking
  • You seek depth as a team (or as an individual) in technical SEO and its tools

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Technical SEO tailor-made training

After we receive an application, we will contact your company to arrange an initial intake with your organisation. This consultation helps us better map out your expectations of the training and what you want to achieve. With this information, we start tailoring the SEO technical training specifically for your team.

Our approach aims to ensure that the training perfectly matches your employees' existing knowledge and skills. Our trainers are experts in delivering practical and interactive sessions that not only promote individual growth, but also contribute to the development of your company. We aim to get a clear picture of the specific learning questions and needs of both the participants and the company.

We are aware that mastering SEO onder technical skills is not easy and requires effort. Therefore, our aim is to ensure that the training is engaging and relevant, zonder wasting time on onder throws that your team has already mastered.

During Incompany technical SEO training, various onderopics can be covered, tailored to what you need. Onderopics that can be covered include:

  • How a search engine works (the processes a search engine goes through to discover and interpret your pages)
  • Crawlability of websites (how does page discovery work, what elements do you use to improve it and what tools do you use to check it)
  • Website accessability (how does the search engine interpret the content of your pages, what elements do you use to improve this and what tools, etc)
  • Duplication (how does duplicate content work and how do you prevent it?)
  • Page Experience (how do you meet core web vitals?)

The training covers our approach to technical SEO and the tools we use to do so.

How long does an Incompany technical SEO training course take?

Training duration can vary from half a day (about three hours) to a full day or even several days. Each programme is tailor-made. We can start with the basics of technical SEO and, if necessary, go deeper into specific onder topics. We agree the exact duration with you in advance to best suit your needs.

Active learning is key

During the training we dive into real-life scenarios specific to your website. Participants are given practical assignments that are directly applicable to your own online environment. This ensures that the techniques you will learn can be put into practice immediately.

Discover our possibilities

Our offer covers a wide range of technical SEO aspects, tailored to your unique situation. Do you have specific requirements or want to know more about what we can do for your team? Get in touch for a tailor-made training that suits your learning needs!

This is what our participants think:

Logo Seeders


I have been working with Martijn Hoving (Onder) in various ways for several years. In a 5-week training course, Martijn gave our team a refresher course on SEO. The SEO training consisted of fifth-part sessions, covering the various components of SEO. Our team found the training very inspiring. Martijn made it clear to our team that SEO is always evolving and and a website is never finished. Martijn's knowledge of SEO is current and progressive. The course was easy to follow and interesting for both beginners and advanced users.

Dennis Akkerman



We have now been working successfully with Onder for several years. To keep knowledge up-to-date within our team, we recently attended in-house training at Ineke.

During an interactive session, Ineke brought our knowledge of SEO up to date. Theory was combined with interaction in a fun way. Even during the session, we immediately started working with practical examples from our own website. It was a useful tailor-made training that took our knowledge level into account.

Esther Terpstra

Online marketer

SEO trainers

The training will be delivered by experienced SEO specialists from the Onder SEO team.

Advanced SEO training - SEO advanced course - SEO trainer Ineke Withaar-Colijn Advanced SEO training - SEO advanced course - SEO trainer Ineke Withaar-Colijn

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Bas Smit


"It was a nice informative training. It helped me a step further. Clear and easy to follow, as it is not everyday material for me. Furthermore, a good alternation of theory and how you fill it in in practice."

Testimonial good stay

Rieneke Gerritsen


"It was very instructive. Theory was coupled with practice. I personally would have liked a bit more depth, but that's because I already have some experience and knowledge of SEO. In addition, I found it somewhat disturbing that other participants were busy with other things. This could have been overseen a bit more, but apart from that, Ineke really told a lot and she really does this very clearly. It really gives you a stepping stone to improve your own website."

Rianne Jacobs-Schouten


The SEO training that Martijn conducted for the dTLS. team was very informative. Martijn knows well how to outline all the issues that are important when it comes to achieving a good SEO position. Martijn not only goes into the content aspects of SEO, but above all he gives extensive attention to technical SEO. He conveys this in a calm and enjoyable way. If you also want to get serious about SEO, I definitely recommend training with Martijn!


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