Incompany training in writing for SEO

The art of SEO focused writing

Looking for a boost to your content creation and want your team to produce texts that not only appeal to your target audience, but also perform well in search engines? Then discover our Incompany training course Writing for SEO.

With us, you get customised training that suits the needs and of your business. Our approach is anything but standard; we focus on practical strategies for your specific industry. From effective search analysis to catchy writing, your team will learn from our SEO experts how to write content that really performs.

No long lectures, but interactive training sessions with immediately applicable tips!

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Incompany training in writing for SEO

Why take a writing for SEO training course?

This training emphasises a personalised approach. We are aware that every sector has specific challenges and that a universal approach is often inadequate. Hence, our specialists in writing for SEO are dedicated to developing a tailor-made programme that perfectly suits your organisation's needs.

With a focus on your unique objectives, we provide a course that is not only of great interest, but also offers practical skills that can be put into practice immediately.

There are several reasons to retrain your team with Incompany training for SEO writing:

  • You want to improve the organic findability of your website and are looking for ways to optimise your team's content for search engines.
  • You want to equip your team with the latest strategies and techniques in SEO writing to stay ahead of the competition.
  • You have noticed that your website's current content is not ranking well in search engines and want to train your team to produce more effective SEO-friendly content.
  • You want to improve the quality of your team's content by training them to write engaging, relevant and optimised texts that appeal to both search engines and users.
  • You have set new goals for increasing your company's online visibility and findability, and you believe that training in SEO writing is essential to achieve these goals.

Curious about the options? We will gladly help you!

Tailor-made in-company training in writing for SEO

Upon receipt of your application for our Incompany Writing for SEO training course, we will immediately schedule an intake meeting with your company. This meeting is designed to understand your objectives and expectations of the training. With this information, we will work to tailor the training specifically to the needs of your team.

We design our training to fit seamlessly with your employees' current knowledge and skills. Our experienced trainers specialise in delivering interactive and hands-on sessions that not only improve the skills of individual team members, but also contribute to the growth of your business. We take the time to identify the specific learning questions and needs of both the participants and the organisation so that our training has a real impact.

We understand that developing effective SEO writing skills can be challenging, which is why we make sure our training courses are engaging and immediately relevant. We do not waste time on already familiar onder topics and instead focus on providing new insights and techniques.

During our Incompany 'Writing for SEO' training, we explore several essential onder Topics, tailored to what you need to be successful. Possible onder topics are:

  • Search engine operation: Understanding how search engines find and rate your pages.
  • Site searchability: improving how search engines can find and index your pages, including practical tools and techniques.
  • Content accessibility: Optimisation of how search engines interpret the content of your pages, with guidelines for improvement.
  • Preventing duplicate content: Strategies to identify and resolve duplicate content.
  • Page experience optimisation: Addressing Core Web Vitals for a better user experience.

We delve into the art of SEO writing, including the tools and strategies necessary to make your content not only findable but also attractive to search engines and readers.

How long does an Incompany writing for SEO training course take?

The duration of our Incompany training 'Writing for SEO' is flexible and designed to fit exactly your schedule and learning objectives, ranging from a compact session of about 4 hours to more extensive programmes that can last 5 to 6 hours or more. Depending on the time available and your specific needs, we personalise the content to provide value from start to finish.

Four-hour programme:

Our 4-hour Incompany training will cover 4 key aspects of SEO that you need to give your business and employees a SEO boost! These 4 aspects consist of:

  • Search analysis: learn how to effectively identify and prioritise search queries to strengthen your SEO strategy.
  • Writing for SEO / The 8 SEO elements: Find out how and where to use search terms on your page so that your content is better found.
  • Helpful content and E-A-T: Learn how to create content that actually helps your reader and how to demonstrate your authority in your field.
  • Google search console: Use GSC to measure your success and identify improvement opportunities for your website.

Extension for 5 to 6 hours:

Our training is tailor-made. This means that a training course does not have a fixed time. For example, as a company you may want more time to go even deeper during this training. Examples of aspects that could then be covered in the extra part are:

  • Migration, 404s, and redirects
    Strategies to maintain the SEO value when deleting or moving pages, or during a full site migration.
  • AI and SEO
    Explore the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of SEO and how you can use AI to strengthen your strategy.

Practical application

During the training, we exploit real-life scenarios related to your website with practical assignments that can be implemented directly in your online environment. This ensures that the techniques and strategies learned can be applied immediately, enhancing and optimising the learning experience.

Ask about the possibilities!

This is what our participants think:

Review Incompany training course LTO Noord

Incompany SEO training

"Clear structure and explanations! Learned a lot and felt like working on it,"

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LTO Noord
Review Incompany training course LTO Noord

Incompany SEO training

"Thank you for the fine training. Clear descriptions and you were clearly included in the story."

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LTO Noord
Review Incompany training course LTO Noord

Incompany SEO training

"Fun training, good refresher course.

No review image


LTO Noord
Review Incompany training course LTO Noord

Incompany SEO training

"Previously heard of SEO, but never did anything with it. because I didn't know how to. This training gives concrete tools to start immediately. Happy with it!".

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LTO Noord

SEO trainers

The training will be delivered by experienced SEO specialists from the Onder SEO team.

Advanced SEO training - SEO advanced course - SEO trainer Ineke Withaar-Colijn Advanced SEO training - SEO advanced course - SEO trainer Ineke Withaar-Colijn

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Renzo van Dongen

Renzo van Dongen

Digital content manager Peugeot

Whether it's about content or technical adjustments, it doesn't matter. Martijn briefs this in a very clear way so that it can be implemented locally or by our head office in France. [...] Since the start of our collaboration, we have achieved great results. Keep it up!

Marien van Stegeren

Eigenaar Kitcentrum

When your online onder venture grows, expectations often grow too, in every area. To a large extent, we were in control of SEO and its interpretation ourselves. We found out that our own "general view" was no longer sufficient, so we engaged Bureau Onder. Surprising and clear. We have built up a fine collaboration, partly because Martijn also regularly visits our office with Eline or Mariska (depending on the case), which is very valuable to us!

Marten Stellingwerf


Martijn and Mariska make the SEO story understandable for the layman and are happy to think along with us. It is nice that there is a personal contact moment every month with an extensive report and the opportunity to talk everything through. After just a few months, Onder has already managed to achieve number 1 positions on Google with some of our webshop pages. We are very satisfied with Onder.

Mark Prummel

SEO Specialist Stella Fietsen

For several years, Onder has been a valued partner of Stella. Martijn is my sparring partner for complex SEO issues and the extra pair of critical eyes that keeps us on our toes. Together, we have achieved nice growth in online visibility, visitor numbers and leads. Onder onder stands out for its short lines of communication and professionalism. They speak our language: don't nag, get down to business. That is what we love!


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