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SEO migration for Shift to Solar

At a glance Challenges Results Starting point Solar shelters are a fast-growing market. Shift to Solar started out as a provider of solar bicycle shelters, but soon added solar carports and solar panels on (company) roofs. We were asked to improve the organic findability of the website, but in doing so, we soon ran into CMS limitations. Services were expanded, but in the old CMS it was very complicated to create good pages for this.

Logo of Mani Vivendi

Track Mani Vivendi

In November 2022, Mani Vivendi approached us with a challenge: how can we achieve organic growth within the healthcare sector while having limited resources?

SEO route for Appwiki

Appwiki was facing a decline in visibility in Google's search results, which was problematic for a platform that makes money through cost-per-click (CPC). This was a challenge Onder was happy to take on, with the aim of boosting Appwiki's organic growth.

logo Zehnder

SEO migration for Zehnder

Zehnder wanted a flawless migration from the old platform to the new platform. Onder was also asked to provide technical specifications to make the new website run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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SEO route for Matrasfactory

Starting point In spring 2021, Matrasfactory knocked on our door to structure the SEO approach. A great challenge in a competitive market! In terms of search terms, we saw a lot of potential in the whole customer journey towards buying a mattress. A mattress is not really an impulse purchase. On the contrary, we see that the average purchase or quotation request is often made after 12 days. Matrasfactory.co.uk runs (with a few more domains) on a Magento2 multistore setup. SEO starting point In

A nice result with local SEO

Local SEO When a search in Google shows local search results we speak of local SEO. With SPACEWINNER, this is certainly the case: after all, you need storage space in or near where you live. A search result relevant to SPACEWINNER looks as follows: We deployed two key onder parts for SPACEWINNER to ensure we grab the maximum space in a search result: the location pages on the website (in blue in the screenshot above) and Google

Logo Si Es An

Greater visibility thanks to cornerstone content

Camping Si-Es-An's website For Camping Si-Es-An, three things are very important to convey: With this in mind, we started a search analysis. For this, Camping Si-Es-An provided input which we analysed together with data from Search Console and suggestions from Ahrefs. This yielded a list of over 300 relevant search terms. From general terms like 'campsite' and 'atonder overnight' to specific terms like 'camping in Overijssel' and 'characterful green campsites'. We then created a

Logo KliMate

Top positions in a competitive market, zonder backlinks

Starting point KliMate is affiliated with Lampgoedkoop, whom we have been successfully helping in increasing the findability of webshops for a while now. KliMate planned to develop a webshop with a sizeable product range. The aim was to generate leads (after all, there was an experienced installation company) and also to sell individual air conditioners and supplies. We then worked with KliMate and the web builder to come up with a SEO strategy for this new Magento shop. Search analysis and URL model

Collaboration between branding, engineering and SEO

Search analysis We start with a search analysis and discuss with Esther and David of Solarfields which search terms are important to them. Naturally, we select all search terms related to solar parks, but also, for example, 'sde subsidy', an important step prior to the realisation of solar parks and solar roofs. Small search volumes Often we focus on search terms that have quite some volume. This is different for Solarfields. The target group is very specific and a complete search takes a lot of time. As a result,

SEO advice for a large platform

Large platform With 26 regions, Go-Kids provides almost all of the Netherlands with child-friendly tips and ideas for activities in the neighbourhood. Think: Multiply this by 26 and you get a nice impression of the size of this platform. At the head of Go-Kids are Riette and Titia. They supervise the 20-plus franchisees who each provide their own region with up-to-date information from the local area. Analysis of the regions If we see that a particular region is doing very well

Fideo SEO and conversion advice

The website plays an increasingly important role in Fideo's marketing. And we, as Onder, are doing our bit to make that happen. We help Fideo achieve better findability and better conversion. In this case study, we are happy to tell you how!

SEO strategy for the job market

Kitcentrum knocked on our door in early 2021 asking if we could bring structure to the SEO approach. A great challenge!

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