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Do you want to be better findable in Google and have already laid the groundwork in content and technical specifications? Link building is the key to getting your domain to rank better. By the way, we are not talking about 'clever tricks', but about strengthening your online position.

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What is link building and why is it important?

Link building is getting referrals to your website on other websites. It is essential for better findability in search engines and more organic traffic.

What is link building?

Link building, which is actually better called "building authority", involves getting other websites to link to your website. This increases the credibility and authority of your website in the eyes of search engines.

Link building is getting mentions (backlinks) on other websites to your website. People's perception of link building varies a lot from person to person. Where some think of good SEO practices, others envision bad content on spam sites. However, both are true.

At Onder, we go for honestly obtained backlinks on websites that actually contribute to your link profile.

What is link building?

Why link building is important?

Having relevant and quality external links to your website signals to search engines that your site provides valuable and reliable information. This allows your website to rise in search results and generate more organic traffic. Link building is a crucial onder part of search engine optimisation (SEO).

On the internet, there is something written about everything. This is great if you want to find information, but not so great if you want to onder distinguish yourself uniquely. After all, when a lot is written about your onderwerp, competition is very high and you are hard to find. Besides content and technical specs, (sustainable) link building is the icing on the cake in such cases.

After all, sustainable link building is the only way to get ahead of the competition, be truly findable on sought-after search terms and get the right pages onder the attention.

Benefits of link building

  • Improved positions
  • More organic traffic
  • Greater online visibility
  • Building authority (Trust)
  • Increased conversion chances

Link building step by step;

  1. Link profile analysis
  2. Competitor link profile analysis
  3. Link building strategy determination
  4. Outreach link building
  5. Link building analysis
  6. New outreach (then it repeats from step 5)
Benefits of link building

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Link building strategies and tips

Link building strategies and tips

  • Guest blogging
  • Broken link building
  • Infographics
  • Digital PR
  • Organic link building
  • Link exchange
  • Lost link building
  • Claiming unlinked entries
  • Directories

Effective link building techniques explained;

Guest blogging: Guest blogging is the process of writing blog posts for other websites in exchange for a link to your own website.

Broken link building: This involves finding web pages with broken links, informing the owner of that page and proposing to replace the broken link with a link to a relevant page on your own website.

Natural link building: This involves creating high-quality, link-worthy content on your own website that others naturally want to share and link to.

Link exchange: This is when two websites agree to link to each other.

Link building: This is when you pay for links from other websites. It is important to note that this is generally considered a bad practice by Google and can lead to penalties.

Infographics: Creating and sharing infographics is another way to get links, as people often share them and link to them.

Digital PR: Distributing press releases can also generate links, especially if you have news to share that others find interesting.

Directories: Submitting to local business listings and directories can also help get links to your website.

Unlinked mentions: Do you have a lot of reach or have you been mentioned once in current affairs? Do outreach to these sites and ask for a link in the text to your website.

Reclaim lost links: Review your link history and see where any entries have been lost. By doing outreach to these sites, you may get your links back.

Best link building strategies

There are several link building strategies we can apply to strengthen your link profile. The best linkbuilding strategy depends on your industry or niche. We will gladly explore with you which linkbuilding technique best suits your link profile. Together, we will ensure the highest possible authority value and incoming traffic for your website.

Customised link building for optimal results

Every website and industry is unique, which is why it is important to apply customised link building for optimal results. We analyse the specific needs and goals of your business and website and develop a customised link building strategy. In doing so, we focus on specific niches, relevant keywords in anchor texts, local link building and/or international domains or other unique approaches that suit you.

Our customised link building ensures you get the most effective results based on your specific situation.

5 advantages of our link building service

  1. Expertise and knowledge for a successful link building strategy
  2. Your website linked to relevant and qualitative websites
  3. Access to the latest tools and technologies in link building
  4. Unburdening the time-consuming process, read: more time for important aspects
  5. Reporting and analysis of link building efforts for optimal performance

These customers are supupside down from us!

Renzo van Dongen

Renzo van Dongen

Digital content manager Peugeot

Whether it's about content or technical adjustments, it doesn't matter. Martijn briefs this in a very clear way so that it can be implemented locally or by our head office in France. [...] Since the start of our collaboration, we have achieved great results. Keep it up!

Marien van Stegeren

Eigenaar Kitcentrum

When your online onder venture grows, expectations often grow too, in every area. To a large extent, we were in control of SEO and its interpretation ourselves. We found out that our own "general view" was no longer sufficient, so we engaged Bureau Onder. Surprising and clear. We have built up a fine collaboration, partly because Martijn also regularly visits our office with Eline or Mariska (depending on the case), which is very valuable to us!

Marten Stellingwerf


Martijn and Mariska make the SEO story understandable for the layman and are happy to think along with us. It is nice that there is a personal contact moment every month with an extensive report and the opportunity to talk everything through. After just a few months, Onder has already managed to achieve number 1 positions on Google with some of our webshop pages. We are very satisfied with Onder.

Mark Prummel

SEO Specialist Stella Fietsen

For several years, Onder has been a valued partner of Stella. Martijn is my sparring partner for complex SEO issues and the extra pair of critical eyes that keeps us on our toes. Together, we have achieved nice growth in online visibility, visitor numbers and leads. Onder onder stands out for its short lines of communication and professionalism. They speak our language: don't nag, get down to business. That is what we love!

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